Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Beautiful Girls

Just when you think "nothing is coming to me" something is sent your way! With this picture, I don't have to think, it speaks for itself!

Here's a funny note....I sent these outfits to the girls in August...W. has on her little sisters clothes, and little sister is wearing W's....who knew???

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogger's Block

I am suffering from blogger's block. Some of you may be relieved to hear this!!! I know what the problem is...I have some things in my personal life that need to be resolved and I am procrastinating. Obviously draining any creative or interactive energy I may have in me right now. Not a good thing.

So, until I decide to bite the bullet and do what I have to do, it will be quiet here, because honestly nothing is coming to me at all. The nessessity of coping with these issues is all I can see in front of me right now. And I know this will lead to confrontation with possibly unpleasant results, hence my hesitation.

However, I cannot stand to live dishonestly so don't expect me to be quiet for too long!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Children At Home

I have the good fortune of living near another PAC family who recently brought their daughters home. M., a third PAC er was driving through our area on her way from her grandmother's Tuesday evening and we all had the opportunity to meet for dinner. M also has her daughter home now, and the 3 kids were at the "O" at the same time. So it was a blast seeing them interact together. All 3 girls are just beautiful!

V. is trying the cheese dip

We've got some good eaters in this group....

I think it was good for the J. & M. to share their post adoption experiences, now that the girls are home. It was good for me to see that THEY DO COME HOME!

The girls loved the mariachi! Especially V., she sang with them!

This wonderful couple has decided to adopt again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Moms

A really nice way to kick off the holiday season!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A New Toy

A PAC mom who visited her daughter in September just posted these photos. She either brought a new wading pool, or the kids @ PAC2 had just received one.

Whew! Blowing up this pool is hard work!!! Unless, of course you have an air pump!

And we do!

Hey, what's going on over there????

They've got it figured out now...

Perhaps Wid and MoMo are discussing the pros and cons of one piece vs. two piece!

This is pretty fun!

Although I don't like water in my eyes,

Or my ears!

Overall though, a pretty good new toy!

The boys make it clear that it is their turn now!

That's OK, all that swimming makes us HUNGRY!

On a side note, after looking at this....

I have vowed to never complain about doing laundry again!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

8 Days to Thanksgiving (USA)

I'm having a pet peeve this year. Santa Claus arrived at the the mall the first week-end in November. Will he arrive before Halloween next year?

Every season under the sun has it's time. What is the RUSH? Will Thanksgiving become the forgotten holiday? Hope not, cause everyone should wrestle a turkey!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Planting Peace---CNN Hero Final Vote

Don't forget, you can come back and vote once a day!

Please vote for CNN Hero Aaron Jackson of Planting Peace in the CNN Hero Final Vote! As you may already know, Aaron Jackson of Planting Peace recently won the Viewers' Choice nomination in the CNN Hero Semi-Finalist Round of this year's CNN Heroes online poll. He was chosen by the CNN viewers as a finalist because of the great work he has done, and continues to do, in the poverty stricken country of Haiti. To date, Aaron has opened four orphanages in Haiti, provided much needed food and medication to many other Haitian orphanages, and has supplied de-worming medications to over 1.5 million Haitians -- ridding them of the parasitic worms that steal so much of their nutritional intake. The winner of this year's CNN Heroes final vote will receive $20,000 toward their cause and be honored in a live global broadcast with Anderson Cooper on December 6, 2007. For Aaron, this money would allow him to supply another one million de-worming pills as well as provide a great opportunity to bring attention to the needs of the children of Haiti. For those of you who have not seen Aaron's hero segment which aired on CNN and CNN Headline News, you may view the video at hero<> .To learn more about Aaron's foundation, Planting Peace, please visit his website at www.plantingpeace. org <> .We are not only asking for your vote, but we are asking that each of you share Aaron's story with your family and friends and ask them to vote, too. And you can vote multiple times! Please cast your vote by logging onto hero<> until November 26. The winner will be revealed during CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute on Thursday, December 6 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.Thanks for your support!


From: aaron jackson lovinghaiti@>

Date: October 8, 2007 1:26:17 PM PDT>

Subject: Planting Peace... CNN HERO POLL>>

Aaron Jackson> Planting Peace> www.plantingpeace. org>>

CNN is conducting an on-line poll to select the viewer's favorite CNN> Hero. Each week viewers will be able to vote in one of six different> categories, with the winner in each category going to a second vote.> The viewer nominated Hero from the second vote will be awarded $25,000> towards their cause and will be honored at a live global telecast in> December with Anderson Cooper. This week is the "medical marvel'category!>> PLEASE go on-line and vote and if you wouldn't mind, please, please,> please share this email with all of your friends, co-workers,> students, etc. The more exposure Planting Peace has, the more we will> be able to do in de-worming the world of this parasite that destroys> so much of the nutritional intake of already malnourished children.>> Together WE can make a difference!> The link to cast your vote is hero>> I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each of you again> for your generous contributions. Since the airing of the CNN Hero> segment, we have raised enough money for almost two million de-worming> treatments!>> From the bottom of my heart I appreciate all of your givings, your> blessings and your letters of encouragement. Together we ARE going to> make a difference.>> May peace be your step,> Aaron Jackson>

Monday, November 12, 2007

Blackout! Georgia Beats Auburn

Time to take a break from the stressfull world of international adoption and concentrate on SEC Football!It was a real big deal. Surprisingly, Georgia spanked Florida 2 weeks ago, then turned around and did the same to Auburn. The reason it is surprising is that Georgia has a mental problem when it comes to beating some teams, especially Florida. Georgia can be undefeated, undoubtedly the best team in the SEC. They go to Jacksonville and get whooped. This happens almost all the time. But it didn't happen this year. And they are not considered the best team in the SEC, #1 LSU holds that honor. If, by chance,Georgia beats Florida (hardly ever) forget Auburn. But this year, the first time in 25 years, Georgia beat them both, and soundly! There is no doubt about it, this is some hardcore college football, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Georgia never ever wears black jerseys. Always some version of red. All fans were requested to wear black to the game. It was kind of mysterious. Then the team came out in these black jerseys and (literally) blew everyone away!

Beforehand, however, we had work to do. So, here we are again.

I decided to sneak off to the Dawg Walk---pregame pep rally.
True Tailgaters
Redcoat Band
True Fans...lots of them!
Players...before they came black!

Kids trying to catch a break

Georgia FansAuburn Fans...even her hair is orange....!!!!

Game Time...calling ALL fans

Yep, it's a mob scene
Blackout Pup with a Tiger by the Tail...Final Score, GA 45, AU 20

My Mama Shops @ Wal Mart...And So Does Yours!

There are a few interesting things about this photo. First of all, I was informed by the PAC mom that took it that the shoes I sent were too small by about two sizes for both girls and this was GOOD TO KNOW!

I was planning on making a dress for each girl and sending on this trip, but with my mom staying with me for 2 weeks, and my bathroom torn up for the 2 weeks before that, I just could not make it happen, so I sent ones that I bought earlier. When the PAC mom saw Lovely open the box with her dress in it she could hardly believe her eyes and here is why....

Here she is with her beautiful daughter who is also at the O. This picture of them had been taken earlier in the trip, and yes, they have the same dresses!!!

A. lives in Illinois, I live in Georgia, the girls are in Haiti...we are united, among other things, by Wal Mart!!!

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